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When It's Hot Outside...
Are You Cool Inside?

Let An Experienced Air Conditioning Contractor Help Keep You Cool
With Quality, Dependable Central Air Conditioners!
Cool Indoor Comfort From Michiana Mechanical

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Keep cool inside when it is hot outside with dependable central air conditioners from an experienced air conditioning contractor – Michiana Mechanical. Hire skilled HVAC contractor for a quality job – and save with our Comfort Club!

Today, it’s more important than ever to choose the right air conditioning contractor and the correct cooling system for your home. Improper installation, mismatched equipment, unskilled technicians and the use of substandard material all lead to a less efficient system and a shorter overall system life span – not to mention less-than-desirable indoor comfort.

Our cooling systems meet or exceed efficiency standards. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of efficiency for air conditioners. SEER ratings are like miles per gallon in cars – the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the unit is - and the more money you can save! All of our central air conditioners satisfy or exceed minimum government SEER standards.

The new refrigerant inside central air conditioners, commonly known as Freon, must be ozone-friendly and green for the environment. Michiana Mechanical is a leader in this area! As a premier HVAC contractor, we have installed some of the first ozone-friendly and green for the environment units in LaPorte County.

These central air conditioners contain the new Freon: R410A. The new refrigerant R410A will completely phase out the old refrigerant (R22) in the year 2010.

Michiana Mechanical has E.P.A. certified technicians, all of whom have been trained on this ozone friendly refrigerant more than eight years ago. In fact, as a premier HVAC contractor, we have installed these ozone friendly units exclusively for the past seven years. By now, you can probably tell that we take our business very seriously. We believe that you deserve to get every bit of energy savings you possibly can from your cooling system.

Stay cooler for less with improved or new central air conditioners from Michiana Mechanical! Call us at 219-874-2454 or toll free 800-789-2210 – or contact us online - for a free estimate of how we can keep you cooler all summer long!

Annual Savings for cooling your home based on the efficiency of a matched system.

Meeting or Exceeding Efficiency Standards